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Most Common ABA Terms, Explained

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Take notes...welcome to ABA lingo 101

  1. ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder is the preferred term used for people with autism. This includes all people on the spectrum.

  2. ABA: The therapy treatment plan based on, a) understanding the child. b) determine how a child’s action is influenced by the environment. c) Teach a child to reduce negative behavior and practice positive ones.

  3. Baseline: A baseline represents a child’s behaviors and habits before therapy begins to start gathering data.

  4. Prompt: Most of ABA therapy is teaching the child to carry out tasks through placed prompts.

  5. It causes a behavior. Behavior: the way the child reacts to the prompt is called the behavior. Behaviors can include: - Verbalizing-laugh, cry, scream. - Mimicking- Imitate what’s shown or instructed. - Defiance - resist or throw a tantrum - Mastery - complete the task successfully - Lack of behavior - zero reaction to the prompt.

  6. BCaBA: Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysis a trained professional in ABA, a senior Aba therapist.

  7. BCBA: This person has a Master’s degree in behavior analysis and who have passed the board exam BCBA stand for board certified behavior Analysis

  8. Intervention: A change in the environment, treatment plan, or instructions to change the child’s behavior.

  9. Extinction: When a child masters a skill and no longer needs reinforcers to complete the task.

  10. Deprivation: Withholding access to something that the child likes so that the child wants it more and then will carry through a task in order to earn it.

  11. Functional Behavior Assessment: An assessment where experts learn why a child behaves in a certain way. Our therapists use these four steps: a)Define the behavior. b) Gather information. c) developing an assumption based on research about the cause. d) Make a new plan to change the behavior.

  12. Reinforcers: A reward for positive behavior brings forth more positive behaviors. Reinforcers are used to encourage the child to perform good behaviors.

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